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Seeking Families

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Are you looking for high quality childcare with a loving provider? I think you have found your spot here at Angels Among Us! I provide excellent care, in a small group setting and it is almost like having your own nanny. Your child will not only be loved and cared for like they were my own child and like you would want for your child, but I also enjoy active play, hands on writing, reading, and arts and crafts. I introduce children to these skills in a fun way by doing experiments, art projects and other media. We go on occasional field trips to Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, the Milwaukee County Zoo, area parks and the city beach in the summer. I would love to have your child join us!

Giving peace of mind while parents are at work

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I truly believe that there is a way to give parents peace of mind. I feel that by providing the most honest, loving and dedicated care out there people will feel that. I love my job. The way I show that, is by giving the children I watch, love like I would want my own children to have. I never cut corners and I always try to be open with the families I provide care for. Communication is extremely important both for the parents and myself. I want them to know that I love their children and want what any parent wants a happy, healthy, well adjusted child. I dedicate and give my time to the children, so they have all of that and then some.

Philosophy on toys

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I believe toys should be safe, educational and well constructed. I have found that the best toys in my childcare are ones that serve a purpose, are fun and educational. My favorite brands are Leapster, Little Tikes, Fisher Price, and I like the Your Baby Can Read series among others. I also love Little Einstein products.

Vacation Days

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I take two weeks of vacation every year. I take this time to get revitalized, because I truly love my job and value the families I have. It gives me the much needed one on one time with my family to give them the quality attention that they need. This also helps me maintain a positive mental state.

Sick Kids

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Please do not bring your child or children if they are sick. This includes: Communicable Diseases: such as: Pink Eye, Chicken Pox, Measles, Strep throat; Colds with thick green or yellow discharge, Fevers over 100.5 degrees, Stomach Virus’, Diarrhea, and/or Vomitting. In many cases, because children are in close contact with each other it is difficult to prevent them from contracting all illness’ from other children. We aim to keep children who are healthy illness free by frequent hand washing and teaching proper techniques for covering their coughs and sneezes. We wash toys that are mouthed immediately after child is through and clean all other toys on a regular basis. Our goal is to keep all children as healthy as possible so that no one has to miss work and or daycare.